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Energy Saving Awareness

At Evergreen Energy we seek to raise peoples’ awareness of the benefits of LED lighting, as not only an easy method for you to save money but also because LEDs are the simplest and most effective way of saving energy and the environment.

While the initial higher cost of an energy saving LED bulb compared to an incandescent bulb often puts people off making the investment, through increased awareness we can help people to see that the initial investment can go a long way over time! Simply by taking the statistics into account you can see how you make back the cost of an LED bulb. In fact, LED lights can save you around 80% of electrical power compared to a regular bulb.

But what does this mean for you? It means that you are going to be doing less to save more! Fitting your home with LED bulbs will save you energy and have a direct impact on your bills. It means you are going to have to buy and change fewer bulbs over the long run and with the average price of LED bulbs having lowered considerably over time due to improvements in development costs and competition, you are going to be saving even more money!

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